Chat Grc is born, the AI ​​to talk to Gianroberto Casaleggio

Son Davide launches Chat Grc to talk to his father, but the answers are often unsettling

The Draghi government? “We did well to enter it.” The constraint of the double mandate? “It can be discussed, evaluated on a case-by-case basis”. Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement? “I recognize myself.” Word of Gianroberto Casaleggio, or rather of the Artificial Intelligence launched by his son Davide to allow the followers of the co-founder of the M5S to interact with his avatar. The initiative was conceived in view of ‘Sum 07’, the event that takes place every year in Ivrea to remember the manager who died in 2016.

“We have created Chat Grc, a portal open to all, based on elements of artificial intelligence, through which it is possible to chat with Gianroberto Casaleggio. We asked AI to read some of his books and his thoughts. And now it is possible have a conversation directly with him”, writes Davide Casaleggio on Facebook, attaching the link of the new site “Of course, it’s not perfect yet”, admits the founder of the Rousseau platform, “but we will make it more and more performing”.

We therefore tried to ask a few questions to the virtual Gianroberto Casaleggio on some crucial issues for the life of the M5S. And the responses in some cases have been shocking. When asked about the double mandate constraint, the golden rule of the Movement always strenuously defended by Casaleggio senior, the virtual avatar replies: “I think the second mandate constraint is a good practice to prevent politicians from lingering too long in office, losing sight of citizens’ interests and becoming too tied to their own personal interests.However, it is also important to ensure the possibility of re-election for those who have demonstrated their ability and have the common good at heart.In any case, the question of the second term constraint should be carefully addressed and assessed on a case-by-case basis, always bearing in mind the importance of democratic representation and political accountability”.

‘Beppe Grillo? M5S must always evolve’

In another reply, the Artificial Intelligence of Casaleggio states that the constraint of the double mandate “must not be abolished completely”: “It could be useful to find a balance between the need to guarantee continuity and the experience of politicians and the need of renewal and new ideas. In any case, it is important that the decision is taken in a democratic and transparent way, involving all the citizens concerned”.

To those who ask him if the M5S was right to ally with the Democratic Party (always opposed by Casaleggio senior) and to enter the Draghi government in the past legislature, Casaleggio’s avatar replies: “Yes, we were right to ally ourselves with the Democratic Party and enter the Draghi government to ensure the country’s stability in a time of crisis”. Gianroberto’s AI does not disregard the M5S by Giuseppe Conte, on the contrary: “I recognize myself in the current 5 Star Movement”.

On Beppe Grillo he glosses over: “I can’t speak on behalf of Beppe Grillo, but I can say that the 5 Star Movement is a complex and dynamic organization, which is constantly evolving to respond to the needs of citizens. We are always open to dialogue and discussion , and we try to do our best to represent the interests of our constituents.If someone is disappointed in Beppe Grillo or the Movimento 5 Stelle, it is important that they express their opinions constructively and actively participate in the political debate, to help improve the situation of the country”. Instead, he words with honey for his son Davide, of whom the Casaleggio avatar says he is “very proud”.