ChatGpt, OpenAi note on personal data and privacy of users at risk

“ChatGPT learns the language and facts of the world from publicly accessible information on the internet. It generates text in response to questions or instructions, and its models do not store copies of that data.” This writes Open Ai, the company that developed ChatGPT, in the aftermath of the stop of the service in Italy by the Privacy Guarantor. A clarification released today May 15 in an advertising information.

Information about individuals

In the Open Ai press release it is reiterated that “the publicly accessible information that we use to train our models may include some personal data”. Therefore, the company reiterates that from this information models learn names and addresses, for example mentioned in a sentence. This is because “a lot of data on the internet is about people”. Beware, however, that “our purpose is not to profile people for advertising or sales purposes” reiterates the company. “We protect privacy” declares OpenAI. Users can always exercise the right to object to the processing of personal data for algorithmic training purposes.