Chayanne’s daughter raised the temperature with a tight corset

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known by his stage name Chayanne, is one of the most famous Puerto Rican singers in the world and who knew how to build a career based on his talent and charisma. The 54-year-old artist continues with his imprint while enjoying his family, made up of his wife Marilisa Maronese and his children Isadora and Lorenzo.

Chayanne and her family. Source: Instagram @chayanne

Chayane’s son is 25 years old and is dedicated to modeling. In addition, he is a born athlete and among his passions are golf and basketball. In the virtual world, Lorenzo has more than 375,000 followers on instagram and boasts a beauty and a body similar to those of his father. As for her daughter, she is 22 years old and has more than 476 thousand fans who follow her on social networks. Isadora decided to follow in her father’s footsteps, but that’s something she recently revealed.

Chayanne’s daughter’s post on Instagram

Isadora Figueroa, Chayanne’s daughter revolutionized social networks and the world of music this week with her release as an artist. The young woman had already given some signs that she had talent when she sang a song by Mau and Ricky, but now she went beyond her and presented her first single titled “Tell me what I do”.

Isadora Figueroa posing. Source: Instagram @isadorafigueroa

“AAAAAA!!! I hope you enjoy this piece of my heart. FAMILY IS OUT NOW. That’s how I feel. With this song I share my heart, my feelings, and all my emotions. It is very difficult for me to be vulnerable… but being able to share my music and all these beautiful moments with you fills me with joy. In music I find the reason. Thanks for believing in me. Thank you for being part of this path and for supporting me. Thank you for listening to my voice and for wanting to know my thoughts. It is the dream of my life. I love you,” he posted. Isadora Figueroa on their social networks.

The launch of the daughter of Chayanne As a singer, not only did she make an impact due to the flow of her voice and the charisma inherited from her father, but Isadora Figueroa boasts a beauty and slim body that complement her as a diva. In her Instagram account, she managed to raise the temperature as she posed with a tight corset embodying an angel. The likes multiplied and many hearts will have accelerated with this launch in society that will surely give a lot to talk about.