Che Tempo Che Fa, Patrick Zaki guest of Fabio Fazio on Sunday 22 October

Presence confirmed by transmission

Patrick Zaki guest of Fabio Fazio on Sunday 22 October in the second episode of Che Tempo Che Fa sul Nove. Zaki was supposed to participate in the first episode of the new season, which aired on October 15, but the participation was canceled and postponed. Now, Zaki’s presence is confirmed today with a post on the show’s Instagram profile.

The position on Israel and Hamas, the controversies

In the last 10 days, after the Hamas attack and after Israel’s raids on the Gaza Strip, Zaki has found himself at the center of controversy, in particular for some posts on social media and for having defined Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu “a serial killer “. Participation in an event connected to the Book Fair was also cancelled.

“I have been and will continue to be a fervent supporter of the Palestinian cause and of the right of the Palestinian people to regain their homes and lands – underlined Zaki in a post – which have been violently plundered throughout history. The racist and Netanyahu’s government’s colonizations form the root of the seemingly perpetual state of war we now find ourselves in, resulting in the tragic loss of thousands of civilian lives, including innocent women and children. My commitment has always and invariably been guided by protection of humanity and human rights. I will never be able to endorse or justify acts of violence or murder. On the contrary, I firmly support the right of the Palestinian population to resist and defend itself, detaching this defense from the conservative and obscurantist religious policies of Hamas”.

“The situation we are experiencing is a consequence of the policies of the current Israeli government. It is not surprising. I am against any violence against innocent civilians, including violence against Palestinians because first and foremost I am a defender of human rights”, he later told Tg1 .

“We must understand the reasons for terrorism. Every terrorist attack has reasons. Why did this group (Hamas, ed.) reach the point of perpetrating these actions? I believe it is necessary to do research on the underlying reasons”, he said on October 16th in Milan during the presentation of his book ‘Dreams and illusions of freedom’, published by ‘La nave di Teseo’, at the Parenti Theatre. “I will always do my best to fight fanaticism and terrorism. To counter this, we must raise the flag of democracy and peace,” she added.