Chechen leader Kadyrov sends his minor children to fight in Ukraine

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who called for the use of nuclear power against Kiev after the defeat of the Russian army in Lyman, said he will send three of his children, still teenagers, to fight at the front. He announced it himself on Telegram, also publishing a video in which the three kids, armed to the teeth, train to shoot (WAR IN UKRAINE, FOLLOW THE UPDATES IN REAL TIME).

The leader of Chechnya: “They have been trained since they were very small”

According to Kadyrov, the boys “will go to the front line and will be deployed in the most difficult section of the contact line” as the Ukrainian offensive gains strength. The teenagers – Akhmat, Eli and Adam – are 16, 15 and 14 years old respectively; and according to Kadyrov they have been trained “practically since they were very young”. For the leader of Chechnya, the time has come for his sons “to shine in a real battle, I can only say goodbye to their determination. They will soon go to the forefront and find themselves in the most difficult areas of the line of contact”.

The video with the three teenagers in camouflage as they handle weapons

In the video we see the three, little more than children flanked by the fearsome ‘kadyrovtsi’, the praetorian guard of Kadyrov: they are smiling and wearing camouflage overalls and dark glasses, perched on tanks or in the open field, and handle guns, rocket launchers and machine guns. According to his official website, the fearsome Chechen leader, a faithful ally of the Kremlin, has 14 children, but may have more. Over the weekend, he criticized the Russian general in charge of operations around Lyman, Alexandre Lapin, claiming that he did not give “the communications” and the “necessary ammunition” to the soldiers engaged in the defense of the city, eventually recaptured by Kiev.

Peskov dismisses Kadyrov’s proposal to use nuclear tactics

The Kremlin, however, dismissed Kadyrov’s call for low-powered nuclear weapons as statements made on the wave of “emotions”. “In difficult times, emotions should still be excluded from any assessment (of the situation). We prefer to make measured and objective assessments,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to military analysts, Russia has lost 9% of the annexed territories last Friday in the last two days.