Chef Colonna: “A reinforced green pass is a further guarantee, but I would like more clarity”

“Doubts remain in the face of situations to which we are unable, even with common sense, to give answers”

“In my opinion it’s a further guarantee, we can’t give up right now, we have to listen to science and accept the rules”. Antonello Colonna, speaking with Adnkronos about the decree approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers, applauds the reinforced green pass to enter restaurants indoors even in the white area. “Our category must contribute and for once support the provisions – the chef affirms without uncertainty – One thing, however, I would like to emphasize and it is the usual lack of clarity, the doubts and questions of citizens but also of us operators who find ourselves faced with situations to which we are unable, even with common sense, to give answers “.

“For example – asks the patron of the Colonna Resort in Labico, near Rome, where last Sunday he also inaugurated a museum in the presence of Minister Franceschini – with the simple green pass you can access the hotel but you cannot go to the restaurant. And in the TV room? And in the hall? And in the convivial lounges? And in the SpA? Do you enter the room and cannot go out anymore? Here, these questions arrive in an avalanche, and we operators cannot replace the law or science or the police, who often find themselves in difficulty “.

“As 2 years ago – says Colonna – there is no clarity and in this way protests and even no vax are fueled. Just go around the squares, just get on the metro or local trains to understand that these restrictions are quite mild. And finally the question of masks: how long do they last and are they really protective? Or do people now make a habitual use of it without thinking about hygiene? Too many questions and few clear answers. Having said that – says the chef – let’s get vaccinated, which is the best solution “.

by Cristiano Camera