Cher, two new albums coming in collaboration with her boyfriend

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New music coming for one of the most iconic pop artists in history. Cher revealed to AND! News to be working on two new albums also talking about the possibility of seeing her on tour towards the end of 2023.


A career spanning film, music and fashion, Cher is among the most influential female artists in the world. The singer gave an interview to AND! News talking about future projects.

Cher first responded to questions about her eventual return to the stage by announcing the possibility of seeing her tour later this year. The singer then specified that she is currently working on new music: “I’m going to England to make two albums so I want to finish those first”.

The artist told how some songs were made in collaboration with her boyfriend Alexander Edwards: “Some of the songs were given to me by Alexander, so I’m very excited about that. He’s a producer and an author and he does it all, I’m so happy.”

Over the years Cher has rewritten music history with globally successful albums and singles.

Among his most iconic songs we certainly find Take Me Home, If I Could Turn Back Time, Believe, Strong Enough, The Music’s No Good Without You And Woman’s World.