Chiara Ferragni as Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’, social controversy erupts

The Halloween costume chosen by the influencer is controversial

Chiara Ferragni dresses up as Sharon Stone on Halloween night. The influencer, wearing a very short and tight white dress, tied blonde hair, a pair of white pumps and a lit cigarette in her hand, wanted to publish a video on Instagram for her 29.7 million followers that portrays her imitating the scene epic of the film ‘Basic Instinct’, where Stone, during the interrogation, crosses her legs, making everyone present notice the absence of underwear.

“I had to recreate this iconic moment”, commented the digital influencer under the video but the performance was not appreciated by all the social media people: ”She doesn’t even have Sharon Stone’s nails”, comments a user, ” Now he has shown everything,” writes another user. Someone even advised her to open a page on Only Fans. But the video that went viral went around the web and was appreciated by millions of followers of the well-known businesswoman: “Crazy”, “wonderful”, “you’re better than Sharon Stone”, some fans commented under the video of the influencer. In short, an objective achieved for Ferragni who, for better or for worse, still gets back to being talked about.

(by Alisa Toaff)