Chiara Ferragni at the Egyptian museum in Turin after the Eugenio appeal in via di Gioia

Chiara Ferragni accepted the Eugenio’s invitation in via di Gioia and now the Egyptian museum in Turin is “as famous as the Uffizi”. The influencer visited the place of Turin culture with his son Leone, posting videos and photos on his Instagram profile, complete with a quote from the Eugenio song in via di Gioia and the band’s tag.

The Eugenio’s invitation to Ferragni’s via di Gioia

A few weeks ago, after the assignment of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 to Turin, the Turin band had created, in a more or less joking way, a song with some typical Piedmontese quotes proposing it as the anthem of the singing event. And in one verse, mindful of what they did at the Florentine museum, the Eugenio’s sang “Please Ferragni come to visit Egyptian Museums cause we wanna be famous like Uffizi”.

Ferragni at the Egyptian museum and the Eugenio reaction in via di Gioia

Chiara Ferragni has published a series of photos while walking among the ancient Egyptian finds and at the entrance to the museum, together with a video with background music of the verse dedicated to her by the Eugenio in via di Gioia. And the group’s reaction was not long in coming. In a story the singer expresses his joy. “I can’t believe it – he said – Ferragni came to the Egyptian Museum. I was driving and I had to stop because you sent me a lot of messages. It’s official, Turin, we made it. It’s incredible”. Among the numerous comments there is the one of the Cinema Museum: “Next time, tour in Mole. You are invited to see the most beautiful Museum of Cinema of all”.