Chiara Ferragni, bizarre detail in the bathroom of her house: have you noticed?

The luxurious home of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez attracts everyone’s attention, but have you noticed that curious detail in their bathroom?

The life of the Ferragnez is constantly at the center of attention and, for better or for worse, the Italian ‘Royal Family’ has continued to intrigue for years. In addition to the amazing looks of the blonde Cremonese entrepreneur, her husband’s extra luxury whims and exclusive holidays in spectacular places, their magnificent home is also stimulating the interest of web users.

Chiara Ferragni, incredible detail (Credits: TikTok)

An exclusive apartment in City Life area in Milan, from which, among other things, the family will soon leave to move to another home. Those who follow the famous couple know practically every corner of their current home thanks to the numerous videos and photos posted on social networks by those directly involved.

There is perhaps a detail, however, that not everyone has yet noticed. Most observers have found that Chiara is present in the bathroom a rather bizarre detail. On TikTok someone asked the influencer directly why he made that choice and she replied, surprising everyone. But what is it about? We reveal everything!

Chiara Ferragni, impossible not to notice: have you seen what’s in her bathroom?

In one of the many videos recently published on the well-known platform, we see Ferragni answering a question that most likely had never been addressed to her. A user asked her how come he had so many family photos hanging in the bathroom.

Yes, because this is precisely the strange detail: among the many shots, even the polaroids of the wedding day. There is even the black and white photo of the marriage proposal that Fedez made her a few years ago at the Verona Arena! “Why do I have all the pictures hanging in the bathroom? I don’t know, they look good on it. In fact, the photo of the marriage proposal at the Verona Arena is positioned above the toilet ”, said Chiara amused.

One of the snapshots to mention is the very first photo that Chiara saw of Fedez. She had talked about it just hours before answering her question about her bathroom. It happened in October 2014, when she had been living in Los Angeles for about a year. She had returned to Milan for work, saw her at the newsstand and thought: “But who is this guy? He will be a foreign boy, ”she said.

“Then I read ‘Fedez the revelation’, I saw that he was an Italian and I said: ‘Good for him, because he looks really cool to me,'” he added. Even for this other important shot put in the bathroom, however, Chiara doesn’t have many explanations: “Don’t ask me why I put her in the bathroom”.

Chiara Ferragni bathroom
Chiara Ferragni’s bathroom, original detail (Credits: TikTok)

And you, had you noticed this singular habit at the Ferragnez house? How not to love this super nice couple!