Chiara Ferragni case, Fratelli d’Italia: “More controls and new rules for influencers”

The proposal, deputy and deputy vice president of FdI in the Chamber, Manlio Messina: “Exemplary punishments for those who commit crimes”

The Chiara Ferragni case with the Pandoro Gate “has allowed us to better understand this uncontrolled system that moves behind charity or fake charity. Increased controls and exemplary penalties for those who commit the infamous crime of taking advantage of the weakest This is what Fratelli d’Italia proposes on the new rules for the work of influencers”. deputy and deputy vice president of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber of Deputies, Manlio Messina.

The Agcom squeeze after the Pandoro gate

Meanwhile, Agcom’s crackdown on influencers arrived two days ago, with new guidelines and the establishment of a technical table, after the Ferragni case. The Council of the Communications Regulatory Authority “following a widely participated public consultation, unanimously approved the Guidelines aimed at ensuring compliance by influencers with the provisions of the Consolidated Law on audiovisual media services”.

“The growing relevance and diffusion of the activity of influencers, defined as subjects who create, produce and disseminate audiovisual content to the public, over which they exercise editorial responsibility, via video sharing platforms and social media, has urged the Authority to intervene The approved Guidelines constitute an important first step.”

“Without prejudice to national legislation and the Authority’s regulation regarding user-generated content distributed on video sharing platforms, the Guidelines define a set of rules addressed to influencers operating in Italy who reach, among other things, at least one million followers on the various platforms or social media on which they operate and have exceeded an average engagement rate value equal to or greater than 2% on at least one platform or social media (i.e., which have aroused reactions from users, through comments or likes , in at least 2% of published content)”.

“The provisions concern, in particular, measures regarding commercial communications, protection of the fundamental rights of the person, of minors and of the values ​​of sport, providing for a mechanism of warnings and orders aimed at removing or adapting the contents. In the case of contents with product insertion, influencers are required to display writing that highlights the advertising nature of the content in a readily and immediately recognizable way. The Guidelines also provide for the launch of a technical table for the adoption of a code of conduct which defines the measures that influencers must comply with. The code will be drawn up in compliance with the principles that inform the Guidelines and will provide systems of transparency and recognisability of influencers who must be clearly identifiable and contactable”.

“The Technical Roundtable will also include subjects who usually do not fall within the regulatory and regulatory perimeter of the Authority, such as those who populate the world of influencer marketing, therefore not only influencers, but also subjects who operate as intermediaries between them and companies. This will allow the requests of these subjects to be acknowledged and their action directed, making use of good practices in the matter, towards compliance with the rules. The initiative is in line with other national initiatives adopted by other Member States of the Union and with the analyzes and the solutions proposed in relation to influencer activities by the Group of European Audiovisual Regulators – ERGA”, concludes the note.