Chiara Ferragni in the sights of the media, Morcellini: “They take revenge”

The sociologist: “It is strange that a person of this kind is put at the center of a media pillory”

From the stars to the media pillory. Chiara Ferragni’s parable, in the storm over the Pandoro Balocco case, becomes a topic of discussion also in matters of communication. “Chiara Ferragni enjoyed an advantage in position and communication that was unimaginable in Italy, she built something atypical”, communications sociologist Mario Morcellini tells Adnkronos. “Probably this element did not make him consider all aspects of prudence for communication campaigns in favor of social causes and, certainly, there were some shocking errors in the allocation of resources. However, in the absence of stringent regulations, it is also It’s strange that a person of this kind is put at the center of a media pillory”, he adds, just as Fedez – husband of the businesswoman – underlines the siege of the paparazzi outside the house, between irony and bitterness.

“There is no doubt that you have moved resources in favor of social causes – he continues – there is also no doubt that a careful verification of the errors committed is needed and it seems to me that you are available on this path, but it is inexplicable that there is a media fury that It is probably proof of how treacherous digital success is. Omnipotence or excess power creates backlash and poison.”

For Morcellini, responsibility is needed on the part of both politics and the media: “There was some asymmetry of intervention on the part of institutional bodies that could have avoided a conflict of personalities”, he observes, adding: “For the first time the traditional media are unleashed against a digital protagonist with surprising tones and ultimatums: it seems like the resentment of the traditional media who feel overwhelmed by the success of digital media and who are taking revenge on Ferragni”.

According to the sociologist, however, there will not be excessive repercussions for the influencer: “We don’t have very specific precedents, but it is difficult to think that a person who has gained so much support in terms of influence will definitively disappear. In my opinion, the possibility of her recovering and recovering they certainly have an important role.” Furthermore, the controversy, concludes the expert, does not risk having negative consequences on charity: “There will certainly be a clear and sober regulation that will favor the transparency of donations so, in my opinion, all in all we will emerge stronger as a country”.