Chiara Ferragni in underwear on social media, avalanche of criticisms. She blurts out: “You suck”

“Misogynistic comments are not freedom of thought, it’s rudeness, f**k!”

An avalanche of comments, many of them critical, on her latest video, in which she appears in a red underwear set to advertise a well-known brand, and Chiara Ferragni loses her usual aplomb. The reaction of the digital entrepreneur appears in her Instagram stories, where Ferragni publishes some of the comments that have been addressed to her from the web. “But don’t you think you’re embarrassing Leo who is now interfacing with other children in the school environment, with these continuous half-naked appearances?”, writes a user. “In defiance of those who get up at 6 and even earlier every morning for a decent 1000 euros a month!” reproaches another. “I don’t want to insult but at this point only Only Fan is missing”, adds yet another.

Ferragni tries to respond to singles, but then decides to make a video in which he launches a decisive attack on the haters. “Misogynous comments, where people make fun of me for my physical appearance, or because I’m a mom – thunders the creator of The Blonde Salad – I’ve been reading them since I was 19, I grew up with the idea that people shoot crap all day. Don’t pretend this is freedom of thought, this is rudeness in every way. What are you teaching others? I think you suck.”

Then a ‘advice’ to critical fans: “Just as I was bad at 19, when people commented with extreme malice on my body or whatever I did, many other girls will feel the same when they read comments like that”. And again “We all see things we don’t like, on social networks or even in the normal world”, concludes Ferragni, “a little more education, damn it!”.