Chiara Ferragni launches a new trend: it’s the color for this spring’s nails

Chiara Ferragni’s new manicure is already a trend: the nail color suitable for every look and perfect for spring.

March 20 is upon us and this means only one thing: spring is coming! With all its colours, all its perfumes, the ever longer days and the looks to be created by (finally) putting away the coat in the wardrobe. It is one of the most beloved seasons of the year and what better way to welcome it than with a new manicure?

Chiara Ferragni’s new manicure ideal for spring – Instagram credits (

have the neat hands it’s an important calling card, especially with the arrival of hotter temperatures, when gloves fly off and sleeves get shorter. If you’ve already booked your beautician appointment but have doubts about which color to focus on for the next few weeks, there’s good news for you. An invaluable suggestion comes from one of the most influential women in the world, Clare Ferragnthe. On her Instagram channel, the queen of influencers, an absolute style icon, showed everyone the her new nails, which literally drove his virtual audience crazy. The reason? See with your own eyes.

Chiara Ferragni suggests the perfect nail art for spring: everyone will want nails like this

There are those who love ‘strong’ colors, preferring dark shades even when it comes to nail art. Those who don’t want to risk making a mistake, however, rely on neutral shades, the so-called ‘nude’ colors, the ones that go with everything. A solution that proves to be excellent especially for those who rely on gel reconstructions or semi-permanent nail polish, and must keep the same color on their nails for quite a few days. Are you looking for the right color for the next few weeks, that goes with everything but, at the same time, isn’t trivial? It suggests it to you Clare Ferragni.

Chiara Ferragni shows off her new nails
Pearly manicure for Chiara Ferragni – Credits Instagram (

On his very popular Instagram profile, Fedez’s wife showed hers pearl nails, that drove everyone crazy. The basis is rosebut, with light, many are created plays of color and reflections: a crazy effect! A simple choice, but which represents a valid alternative to the classic nude colors. Versatile and soft, the pearly effect is already there a trend for the new season that is about to begin: just take a look on the main social networks!

Specifically, Chiara has chosen one rounded shape for her nails, but the pearly and shimmering effect is also suitable for more squared ones, being extremely delicate. A refined choice, that of pearly nails, perfect for both sporty and casual outfits as well as more formal ones. In short, everyone will envy your glam nails and will take inspiration from your hands. Seeing is believing!