Chiara Ferragni launches the new jewels: protagonist of the Isabeli Fontana VIDEO spot

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Chiara Ferragni officially presented her new jewelry collection called “Princess Rainbow” on Instagram for determined, modern and international women of all ages. Isabeli Fontana is the protagonist of the official commercial that shows a pair of earrings and a multicolor necklace with a young and sparkling design. The digital entrepreneur proposes to her followers to become a “rainbow princess” with a line of accessories conceived and designed by her, for sale online and in stores in Italy and around the world. A new trend launched by the famous influencer within the Chiara Ferragni Brand, born in 2013 to launch on the market clothing items inspired by her world and her style.

Love and Bossy

Made of 925 silver and subjected to antioxidant and nickel free treatment, Princess Rainbow jewels are ready to conquer the market, capturing the attention for their fresh and casual style, combined with a craftsmanship quality that can ensure durability. The collection Love it represents the softer and more fairytale side of the foundress and includes colored heart-shaped zircons mounted on rings, necklaces and earrings. The collection Bossy instead it represents the stronger and more independent side with the protagonist chains. The colors, however, are mainly pastel and light shades, from pink to yellow, through blue and light green.

How much do Chiara Ferragni’s jewels cost?

The Chiara Ferragni brand certainly has its weight and the Princess Rainbow jewels denounce a refined originality. They are made with precious materials and are ready to dictate fashion, therefore the prices are medium to high, but still suitable for the product. Earrings are the cheapest and range from 50 to 90 euros depending on the model, while necklaces and bracelets are between 200 and 500 euros. Finally, the rings almost always exceed 100 euros. However, you can choose something more minimal or something more demanding, perhaps for a special occasion. Also as a gift idea they will be considered by many.

Charitable project

Chiara Ferragni has recently promoted a charity project, Rainbow House, supported by the Municipality of Milan and Fight against marginalization, which inspired it. Casa Arcobaleno is a place that welcomes girls who are discriminated against by their families and who have had to leave their home of origin because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or because of their transition process. “With them I started a path of support through some donations and sharing my time with girls who have suffered this mistreatment”, Chiara Ferragni wrote on her Instagram profile, adding: “I was excited to listen to the stories of Czeslaw, Samantha, Maryah and Vanessa and I hope my words and support can help them get through this difficult time. I can’t wait to tell you more ”.