Chiara Ferragni launches the new stroller with gold details: you would never guess how much it costs

Chiara Ferragni launches the new stroller with gold details: you would never guess how much the newcomer in the influencer’s collection costs.

It will be available from January 2022, but can already be pre-ordered through the official website. What are we talking about? Of the new stroller signed Chiara Ferragni Brand, that the beautiful influencer showed in her stories a few hours ago. Little Vittoria has already been able to test it and seems to have really liked the new “comer”. But many will wonder how much it costs?

Chiara Ferragni launches the new stroller with gold details: how much it costs (Source Instagram)

Well, the figure will leave you speechless. Let’s find out the details of the stroller by Chiara Ferragni!

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Chiara Ferragni, how much does the gold stroller from your collection cost? Incredible figure

Pink color and tone-on-tone print oficonic eye logo: the new stroller from Chiara Ferragni’s brand is truly enchanting. Elegant, but at the same time practical and functional, everyone’s attention was drawn to details in gold, that perfectly match the pink. The influencer showed everyone her new creation, in collaboration with Nanan, through her Instagram stories. The stroller can already be pre-ordered online, but will only be available in January 2022. But how much?

Well, the price is definitely stellar: 1450 euros, as stated on the official website of the brand. Where it is possible to admire all the other objects made by Chiara Ferragni and Nanan as regards the world of babies, bedrooms and accessories, all rigorously characterized by the unmistakable logo.

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(Source Instagram)

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