Chiara Ferragni, PETA calls 2 rabbits Chi and Fer to ask her to say no to furs

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day (which will be celebrated on May 14), PETA has named two orphaned and abandoned rabbits with the names of Chi and Fer, in homage to the first letters of Chiara Ferragni’s name and surname.
The reason for this initiative is to raise awareness of the famous Italian entrepreneur, influencer and stylist, in order to make her change her mind about furs.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, often abbreviated by the acronym PETA, is the international non-profit organization in support of animal rights.

He wanted to assign the names Chi and Fer to two rescued rabbits – brother and sister – from the name of the web star, all right, but also and above all from the name of a mother, given that Chiara Ferragni is the mother of two children. And to do so, she decided to take advantage of the occasion that is celebrated on May 14, the feast dedicated to female parenting.
The pair of rabbits were abandoned at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, an animal shelter located in the Norfolk county of eastern England. Here they will now receive love, care and attention.

PETA’s statements about furs that Ferragni hasn’t abandoned yet

“We hope that this thought, on Mother’s Day, will inspire Chiara Ferragni, who has persisted in wearing fur for a long time, to realize that every animal is an individual with a family and emotional ties, and not a fur, like those which she still wears and promotes,” said PETA Vice President of Programs Elisa Allen in an official press release just released by the organization. “With so many trendy vegan options available today, there’s no excuse to wear animal skin,” adds Allen.

PETA has offered to take Chiara Ferragni’s old furs to put to good use

In a cover letter addressed to the queen of social media, PETA also offered to take her old fur coats and put them to good use, turning them into bedding for orphaned rabbits.

“Every year millions of animals are killed for their fur”, reads the official statement issued in these hours by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “PETA’s complaints about the fur trade have revealed rabbits being grabbed by the ears, pounded with metal pipes, hung upside down and decapitated in full view of other rabbits. Captive animals bred for their fur often spend their entire lives in tiny, dirty cages, deprived of everything natural to them, and are subject to starvation and abandonment.

PETA: ‘Animals are not ours to be worn’

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – opposes speciesism, a worldview based on the supremacy of the human being. It is no coincidence that this initiative is aimed at one of the most important names in local fashion (Chiara Ferragni, in addition to having a personal brand and in her name, is also very influential in the fashion world and in showbiz at both a national and international level).
Chiara Ferragni also holds a considerable influence on the millions and millions of followers she boasts on Instagram, thus confirming herself as an example and model that thirty million people look up to every day. A number that would really make a difference.

Rosita Celentano a few weeks ago had addressed a message to the Prada Group

In the last period, the Italian stars (and Maisons) are great protagonists of PETA initiatives. While in this case Chiara Ferragni is the recipient, as the one to whom an awareness-raising message is addressed, on April 27 another local VIP was instead the sender, the one who conveyed an exhortation of an animal rights nature. Let’s talk about the Italian presenter and actress Rosita Celentano, who is a well-known and convinced animal rights activist. At the end of last month she therefore joined PETA USA to ask the Prada Group (of which PETA USA holds some shares) to stop using exotic skins such as snake, crocodile, ostrich and lizard. You did so through a video message in which you denounce the atrocities of which exotic animal species are victims for the trade in their skins. “I believe that fashion should be an expression of creativity, not cruelty,” says Rosita Celentano in her message. “Your stylists now have a huge range of cruelty-free materials at their disposal, including plant-based vegan leathers that can be worked to resemble exotic skins,” added the famous singer Adriano Celentano’s daughter.

A point in common with this new initiative aimed at Chiara Ferragni, in which it is once again underlined that “today there are no more excuses for wearing clothing that contains animal skins, given the wide range that vegan alternatives offer in 2023”. says PETA.