Chiara Ferragni returns from Paris due to an ’emergency’, concern for Fedez on social media

The businesswoman suddenly returns: photo with her children, her husband is not there

Chiara Ferragni returns from Paris to Milan for “an emergency” and concern about Fedez’s conditions rises online. The digital entrepreneur and influencer, busy in Paris for fashion week, suddenly returned home documenting the return journey by plane. The influencer, accompanied by her friend Chiara Biasi, returned earlier than expected, publishing a series of photos with her children Leone and Vittoria. No trace of Fedez in the images. Even the rapper’s profile is silent and a phrase from Mr Marra, Fedez’s partner in the hosting of Muschio Selvaggio, contributes to fueling the concern of the couple’s admirers: from his Twitch channel, he invites them to send a “hug to Federico”.

Fedez and the operation for pancreatic cancer

A year and a half ago, in March 2022, Fedez underwent surgery at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan for a neuroendocrine tumor in the pancreas. The rapper, after his hospitalization and surgery, thanked the doctors and nurses at the time with a post on Instagram: “Thanks to you who literally saved my life, who accompanied me and looked after me in these days that were not simple but which on the other hand gave me back a new perspective on life. Thanks to Prof. Falconi and all his incredible staff. Thanks to all the nurses in the department. And thanks to you for the great humanity and support that you gave me. Love is the most powerful medicine. We go back home, we go back to life”, wrote Fedez.