Chiara Ferragni shows everyone her new necklace: it has a very sweet meaning

Of all Chiara Ferragni’s jewels, her new necklace is the most special: try to guess its meaning!

World fashion icon, Chiara Ferragni has wisely combined his passion for clothes, shoes and accessories with his profession. Today she is a hugely successful entrepreneur and, at 35, is at the head of the empire she founded. At the same time, she has become the symbol of the career woman without taking away the importance of her role as wife and mother.

Chiara Ferragni particular accessory (Credits: Instagram)

And it is precisely this aspect that makes it so appreciated by its almost 28 million followers. The content that she posts on her social networks also includes many important social battles that she invariably shares with her husband. Fedez. Couple united by a really deep love, the two make fans participate in many moments of family life, often also very funny.

An authentic fashion diva, Chiara has always given free rein to her passion for trendy looks, ever since she opened her blog The Blonde Salade, thus laying the first brick of what would later become an unprecedented success. His new necklacewith whom we are seeing her in the latest posts published on Instagram, has intrigued a lot: it was she who revealed its sweet meaning!

Chiara Ferragni, check the meaning of her new necklace: detail that melts the heart

Always a source of inspiration for everything that is glamorous and trendy, this time Ferragni wore a truly special jewel. Not for its economic value but for its emotional value. This is her new necklace, made up of a gold thread interspersed with beads and two hand-painted pendants on which the faces of two little angels are drawn.

It is an accessory Merù Jewels, a brand that has repeatedly created personalized necklaces for the famous influencer. This is not found on the brand’s website either, so it is likely that it too is part of the jewels created specifically for Chiara.

Through the Ig stories, it was Fedez’s wife herself who revealed what the two pendants symbolize. As mentioned before, there are two little angels, a boy and a girl: in support of the photo, she wrote “My babies”. In fact, they represent her beloved children, Leone and Victoria. A way to express once again all the love that binds her to her ‘puppies’, which have now also become real myths on the web, and from which the entrepreneur never completely detaches herself even when she is busy on business trips. The beauty of the accessory itself, simple and at the same time fine, should also be emphasized.

Chiara Ferragni new necklace
Chiara Ferragni necklace symbol pendant (Credits: Instagram)

Is this necklace very tender or not?