Chiara Ferragni specifies that she did not vote for M5S. VIDEO

The influencer and entrepreneur on the social channel TikTok wanted to clarify after the numerous comments that associated her with the Cinquestelle

Chiara Ferragni on TikTok shared a video in which she explains that there is no political ideology behind the choice to wear a suit of her brand with many stars on it. On September 25, election day, Chiara showed, as she does every day, her outfit of the day (VIDEO): a black jumpsuit from her clothing line sprinkled with stars. And from there unleashed comments from other users who have raised doubts about “subliminal messages” in view of the electoral round. Comments like: “All starry, top secret messages” and again “Tell me what you rate 5 stars without telling me what ratings 5 ​​stars I start”.


The entrepreneur decided, therefore, to respond to all these comments by clarifying that it was only about stars on the top, sweatshirt and pants, not a campaign in favor of the 5 Stars. “Guys I only read the comments on this TikTok now, they were just stars, I like the stars on clothing … They don’t have a political meaning. Not you who see political messages everywhere,” Ferragni said.