Chiara Ferragni surprises everyone after Fashion Weeks: what is the first thing she did

Chiara Ferragni concludes the Fashion Month with a ‘particular’ photo: guess what the influencer did immediately after the Fashion Weeks.

With the closing of the Paris Fashion Week, one of the busiest and busiest months for Chiara Ferragni. The famous Cremonese influencer attended the international presentations of the Spring / Summer 2023 collections of the most prestigious haute couture brands, constantly updating her fans on her designer and super glamorous looks.

Chiara Ferragni surprise shot (Credits: Instagram)

After flying to New York and going to Milan, she reached the French capital and last night she showed herself to the followers in the hotel tired but satisfied to have participated in such important events. By the way, she also expressed all her enthusiasm for her imminent return home to her beloved children.

As we said, these days in Paris the wife of Fedez he published many social shots in which he showed off dizzying outfits. Without neglecting any detail besides the clothes, of course: not just her make-up, such as that green glitter on the eyes chosen on the vintage zebra dress by Roberto Cavalli, but even the Polish did not go unnoticed!

In short, the beautiful Chiara will certainly have a lot to tell when she returns home, but the accumulated fatigue must not have been little. That must be why, immediately after the fashion shows closed, she took a moment for herself by letting herself be immortalized in a nice Ig story.

Chiara Ferragni celebrates in her own way after Fashion Weeks: do you know what she did?

Despite some criticisms received from various quarters in recent years, Chiara Ferragni has become a celebrity in the fashion sector and hers is one of the most anticipated appearances in this kind of events. She is an entrepreneur of cry, she always confirms herself up to the expectations of the fans, who have now reached the stratospheric figure of 28 million on Instagram.

After seeing her wearing the best of next season’s trendiest garments, including Schiaparelli’s gold nipple covers and Prada’s fishnet shorts, the 35-year-old blonde attended the fashion show Louis Vittonconclusive of the 9 days of Parisian fashion.

After this last event, a somewhat unusual photo appeared among her Ig stories that immortalized her in the car happy and finally relaxed. Impossible not to notice a detail: she is holding a sandwich of McDonald’s and next to it the famous bag with food from the famous fast-food brand. Unmissable, the glass of Coca-Cola. “Fashion Month is over”, she wrote in support of the image as if she wanted to show her nice way of celebrating this other ‘mission’ that has been successfully completed.

Chiara Ferragni after the Fashion Weeks
Chiara Ferragni all stunned (Credits: Instagram)

It seems to us that he has chosen the best ‘prize’ after so much effort, right?