Chiara Ferragni, the ‘French’ manicure does not go unnoticed: what beautiful colors! Everyone’s crazy about her nails

Have you also seen Chiara Ferragni’s ‘French’ manicure? Her nails do not go unnoticed: what beautiful colors!

She continues to enjoy her holidays in the company of her family, Chiara Ferragni. Currently in Ibiza with her husband Fedez, Leone and little Vittoria, the influencer is experiencing truly magical moments with them that she never misses an opportunity to share with her social media audience.

Ferragni manicure. Credits: Instagram

Between unpublished tales of his love story with Fedez and fantastic surprise announcements, Chiara Ferragni he always knows how to get his audience into his life. He also did it a few days when – as is his style – he shared a post that contains the most beautiful photos of the past few days. She showed, for example, a splendid shot of her with a fabulous Spanish sunset behind her, little Vittoria’s first ‘espadrilles’, her precious rings and also hers. manicure ‘French’. As usual, Ferragni’s style tips have made the center of her: everyone is crazy about her and her colorful nails! But have you seen them? Lots of social media stars are sharing their manicures with their audience, but do you want to see the one sported by the beautiful Chiara? She is really crazy!

Chiara Ferragni, have you seen her manicure too? Crazy!

If Lorella Cuccarini for her holidays has chosen a unique color for her nails, Chiara Ferragni has chosen to ‘dare’. She had already done it some time ago, but with this one manicure French really got everyone in agreement. In fact, all the colors that the entrepreneur chose to use to color her nails captured the attention. These are decidedly soft colors and, above all, that match perfectly with the summer climate of recent months – just as Belen Rodriguez had already done previously.

Between home cinema, boat trips and unmissable landscapes of Ibiza, Chiara Ferragni never misses an opportunity to share everything about this fantastic holiday. Could she ever give up showing her nails? Absolutely no! In perfect harmony with the summer, the entrepreneur showed her more than original manicure and made everyone agree. It is, as you can clearly see from the photo shown on Instagram, of a ‘french’, but not in the classic version. We all know the crescent-shaped one with chalk white and milky white nail polish, right? This choice by Chiara Ferragni is anything but! The nail always has a crescent shape, but it has really crazy colors. Take a look here:

chiara ferragni manicure
Ferragni manicure. Credits: Instagram

To color the nail, therefore, Chiara Ferragni did not choose a chalk white, but different colors that reflect the summer. From apple green to yellow, each shade chosen is in perfect harmony with her tan.