Chiara Ferragni, the look chosen for Martini’s 160th birthday

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Over a century and a half of history and much more to celebrate. With this spirit Martini celebrated the one hundred and sixtieth anniversary from the birth of the brand. At the exclusive party, which was held in the city center at happy hour, Clare Ferragni was one of the most photographed, thanks to a feminine and bold scarlet look which gave prominence to its breathtaking beauty.

Chiara Ferragni: the red look for Martini

In the Anglo-Saxon world we say “dress to impress”, literally “dressing to impress”, an expression that certainly applies to Chiara Ferragni who knows what it takes to become the queen of the party in an instant. The thirty-six year old from Cremona, who already normally catches her attention as she passes, at Martini’s Milanese party that took place on Wednesday evening in Milan, has decidedly stole the show. There was no doubt that her look, shown in advance in the fitting filmed in Instagram Stories, would bewitch the guests. Since Ferragni started her collaboration with Martini, who chose her as face of the campaign for the 160th anniversary of the brand, he is reserving wardrobe choices for the brand’s events that would leave anyone stunned. If in the digital spot the satin dress was feminine and intriguing, this time the entrepreneur, model and fashion influencer is definitely betting on seduction factor. The fiery red slip dressvery light and full of transparencies, it is one of her most beautiful dresses seen up to now.

The bold and transparent slip dress

Chiara Ferragni, for the special Martini evening, gave her preference to Nue Studios, Ukrainian brand of seductive and glamorous old Hollywood-style dresses, which the brand places in the “prêt-à-party” genre. The model worn by the thirty-six year old, part of the Nue Studios Fall/Winter 2023 collection, is light, satiny and enriched by inserts of very delicate lacea perfect slip dress, or rather a slip dress with thin straps, whose style closely resembles that of nightwear and certain items of lingerie, babydolls and petticoats. Featuring a deep slit, an open back and multiple transparencies, the dress requires a certain skill to move and walk without showing more than necessary. Chiara Ferragni knows it and jokes about it to the point of publishing a photo on her profile where some points of her body are covered by a heart-shaped sticker, a funny gimmick because she is proud of her femininity and has reiterated it several times his socials. Simple but always very feminine, the accessories chosen to complete the whole (selection curated by Fabio Maria D’Amato, Ferragni’s trusted stylist). Both the jewels and the sandals are evergreens of the entrepreneur. Around the neck, a necklace with cross pendant, a bijoux by Chiara Ferragni Brand; at the feet, patent leather sandals (same material as the handbag) with thin straps and Saint Laurent stiletto heels, decidedly protagonists of Fedez’s wife’s shoe rack.

Johnson and Laviscount were also at the party

If Chiara Ferragni has chosen to honor Martini with a red outfit, the iconic color of the alcohol brand, the other guests of the party have aimed at black, however always perfect for an evening event. In the photos of the event, the actors stand out Dakota Johnson And Lucien Laviscount, the latter in splendid shape and with a transparent openwork lace shirt. Johnson, however, chose a strapless sheath dress by Versace. There was also among the guests Harry Lamberta globally renowned celebrity stylist who will certainly have observed the looks of everyone present.