Chiara Ferragni, what did she do as soon as she learned about Sanremo: an unthinkable background

Chiara Ferragni did it after learning of her participation in the Sanremo Festival as a co-host: an unthinkable background.

The new edition of the Sanremo Festival will air in February 2023. There are many months to go but preparations have already been underway for a few weeks to better organize the event. Amadeus after the end of the seventy-second edition had not given any certainty of its fourth conduction.

Chiara Ferragni, Sanremo (credits: instagram)

Then came the confirmation, the conductor again accepted the helm of the event and it would seem that this time he wants to create an even more majestic edition than the previous one. This is demonstrated by the first names that emerged at the management alongside him. Only a few days ago he made it known that Gianni Morandi will be there with him to support him. The announcement arrived on Tg 1 and the prompt response of the singer who accepted the job also arrived.

Even earlier we learned with surprise of the presence of Chiara Ferragni. The influencer will be alongside Amadeus as co-host in the first and last evening, then he will open the Festival and close it with the discovery of the winner. Chiara as soon as the news was spread she published a shot in which she is photographed together with Amedeus in which she thanked him for choosing her. In the last few days an unprecedented background has emerged, do you know what happened next? Let’s find out what Ferragni did after learning of his participation.

Chiara Ferragni did it after learning of her participation in the Sanremo Festival

Chiara Ferragni will be the co-host alongside Amadeus at the Sanremo Festival in 2023. This was announced a few weeks ago by the same conductor who made it known that the influencer will join him in the first and last evening.

Just after the news spread she published a photo in which she appears together with the conductor and in the caption she wrote: “Thanks to Amadeus for having wanted me by his side to open and close Sanremo 2023 ″. A great news this that pleased his fans who are millions, and millions are then the Italians who follow the event. In the last few hours, a background has emerged that no one knows about. Do you know what Chiara did immediately after learning that she was the co-host of the Sanremo Festival? To reveal it in an interview with SuperGuida TV was Simona Ventura, but why the presenter? Now you will understand.

chiara ferragni sanremo
Chiara, Sanremo background (credits. Instagram)

Simona first explained that Amadeus is a genius and he then revealed that Chiara Ferragni called her asking her to be a guide for her: “When Chiara has to turn to television she always calls me and I thank her for this “, he said. Apparently the influencer has called the presenter so that she does a bit of a guide, but it is not the first time, she always does it when she has to turn to TV.