Chiara Ferragni’s dress conquers everyone: it is sensual and refined, unmissable

Have you also seen Chiara Ferragni’s dress? She has conquered them all: she is sensual, refined and truly unmissable, here it is.

Once again Chiara Ferragni confirms itself as the queen of new trends. After the completely different ‘French manicure’, the digital entrepreneur has gained attention with a suit dream. She wore it for one of her evenings in Ibiza, she couldn’t help but show it to her supporters and, in a real blink, it drove everyone crazy.

Ferragni dress. Credits: Instagram

Great news for Chiara Ferragni: in the coming months, the beloved entrepreneur will be the co-host of the Sanremo Festival together with Amadeus. We are talking, as you can clearly understand, about something great, which not only made her crazy with joy but also made all her followers more than happy. Have you also read how much he will earn? The figure is really a scream!

Before starting a new working year, however, Chiara Ferragni could not help but indulge in a super relaxing holiday. And so, in the company of her husband, her two children and old friends, the young entrepreneur is spending unforgettable days in Ibiza. Be careful, though: equally unforgettable are all the outfits sported for the occasion. Have you also seen this last dress shown? It’s incredible!

Chiara Ferragni’s dress is a dream: look at it here, unforgettable!

There are many new trends that are going crazy this summer, but the one launched a few hours ago Chiara Ferragni we are sure it will depopulate. For one of her evenings in Ibiza, the digital entrepreneur wore a suit which has absolutely not passed. Completely in white, decidedly short and with lace trim, the dress is a real ‘must’ for the rest of the holidays. We do not know how much the price is or which brand it belongs to, but we assure you that it is really beautiful!

Going out with a dress very similar to a petticoat, you can and Chiara Ferragni gives us ample demonstration. Sifting through her Instagram channel, we tracked down these shots that made us completely lose our minds. She is gorgeous as always, but it is the dress worn for the occasion that captures the most attention. Are you curious to know what we are talking about too? Take a look here:

chiara ferragni dress
The front of the dress. Credits: instagram

Really fabulous, don’t you think? With a white mini dress that features very thin straps and lace ‘details’ that do not go unnoticed, Chiara Ferragni has conquered everyone. Be careful though: this is the front of the dress and it’s crazy, but how is it done on the back?

chiara ferragni dress
Behind Ferragni dress. Credits: Instagram

If the front of the dress is divine, the neckline on the back is even more so. For us, there is nothing to say: it is simply divine.