Chiara Ferragni’s monologue in Sanremo 2023, a letter to her as a child and to women

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With the second dress worn during the first evening of the Sanremo Festival 2023 (FOLLOW THE LIVE), Clare Ferragni he decided to amaze. The businesswoman chose a long dress made in high fashion ateliers Dior, which reproduces the natural body of the influencer with a trompe l’oeil embroidery, “freed from that shame that they have always imposed on everyone, starting with Eva, the first woman in history induced to feel ashamed”, as she wrote Ferragni on Instagram.

“This is the body of a woman who would like to give a voice to all the women in the world who are subjected to bans and abuses, to all those who are told that their body generates shame, that it is only an object of desire or that it instigates to sin”. The dress anticipated the letter-monologue which Chiara Ferragni wrote in her own hand, dedicating it to herself as a child.

Chiara Ferragni, the monologue

“Hi baby, I decided to write to you. Every time I think of you I feel like crying ”Chiara Ferragni began, speaking to the little girl that she was her. Full of fears and insecurities about the future. But also full of dreams and hopes. “Maybe I miss youI wish I could let you out and show you my life. People know me and ask me for selfies together. Everyone really doesn’t like me” admitted the influencer, rolling his eyes towards the public.

“I’ve always tried to make you proud, I’m doing it for you, for the little girl I was. One thing makes me feel bad, that at any stage of my life there was a fixed thought in my head: not feeling enough. When I think about it I just want to hug you tight. When I thought something negative, I thought it even if you don’t deserve it. I would like to tell you that you are enough and always have been. Every time you didn’t feel beautiful enough, smart enough, you were. And if you’ll still feel like this – this is one of those moments and it’s normal that it is – the most important challenges are always in our heads. Let’s start little Chiara, let’s talk about your life. Growing up you will live many experiences, moments of pure happiness and anxiety. Enjoy the wind, live with all of yourself, cry, get angry, have fun. Nobody lines up for the flat roller coaster. Live those roller coasters to the fullest, live them all without fear. Fear is a bad feeling that will accompany you many times. The biggest challenge is always within yourself. We all have fragile writing on our skin. I tell you something beautiful: I have two beautiful children nowI won’t tell you anything about Faith, I don’t want to take away the surprise of discovering true love for her. You will become a mother too. You will always be the same person with the same insecurities as always. Will it be easy to be a parent? Never. Only your children will be able to make judgments about your work. You will feel guilty having other dreams than family, because our society has taught us that when you become a mother you are just a mother. How many times does society make you feel guilty because women stay away from their children? And when the same treatment is reserved for men? Almonst never. But I tell you one thing: if you will always do your best for your children, remove all doubts. You are a good mother, not perfect but good enough. Celebrate your successes, big and small. Never belittle yourself in front of anyone. We women make ourselves small in front of insecure men, someone tells you that she accepted that a man would spread the narrative that he had invited her. As a woman you will face many battles and work twice as hard. As for the body: if you hide it you’re a nun, if you show it you’re a bitch. She challenges prejudices. Being a woman is not a limitation, tell all your friends and fight together to change things, I’m trying right now too. I would like to hug you little Chiara, in the end everything will be fine, I am proud of you ”.