Chiara Ferragni’s ‘rock’ nail polish is in theme with autumn: screaming manicure

Definitely ‘rock’ color that of the nail polish chosen by Chiara Ferragni: her manicure will be one of the most popular of the season.

For years Chiara Ferragni inspires the style and trends of thousands of people in Italy and abroad: fashion, as we know, is constantly evolving and if it is almost always she who launches new ones, this time the Cremonese entrepreneur wanted to rely on an evergreen as for it nail varnish. The hands are always in the foreground and it is important to highlight them with a manicure that makes the most of the whole look.

Chiara Ferragni new color nail polish (Credits: Instagram)

Among her Instagram stories, she revealed that she is a huge fan of that color and, after all, how to blame her? It is about a trend always in vogue, even among stars of the caliber of Rihanna! Moreover, being a dark color, it is in perfect harmony with the autumn season which this year prefers warm shades such as, for example, the brand new dirty martini or le chocolate shades.

The choice of Ferragni is certainly of great effect and, precisely for this reason, not everyone is able to immediately appreciate its strong impact. Fans of the wife of Fedezhowever, they will surely know that one of the fundamental ingredients of the success of their darling is precisely the ability to make every detail, even the most revolutionary, absolutely elegant and in harmony with the whole.

And, of course, on an important occasion like the Paris Fashion Weekcertainly could not disappoint. During the Fashion Week that began on Monday 26 September and will end on Tuesday 4 October, the blonde web star showed, among other things, also her new manicure which has truly conquered everyone.

Chiara Ferragni at the Paris Fashion Week: glamor starts with the manicure

Whether with her glittery green eye make-up matching Roberto Cavalli’s vintage zebra dress with feathers and fishnet stockings, or with Balmain’s super tight gray jumpsuit, she stunned the public attending the Paris fashion shows and the social one, with the nail polish flaunted Chiara really hit the spot. She opted for nails total black signed by the Italian brand Passion Nails.

A real work of art made with the semi-permanent nail polish SP135 extra black. Suitable for autumn, but also for any type of look: grit with ‘rock’ notes and elegance at the same time. Just as Chiara’s show, her nails must be completely covered in color, without the slightest empty space on the sides. Furthermore, for a ‘rock’ effect that is still chic, attention must be paid to the form. It is advisable, in fact, that this be slightly rounded to soften the aggressiveness of such a charged color.

Chiara Ferragni manicure
Chiara Ferragni nail style (Credits: Instagram)

What do you think? Is Chiara’s manicure a true masterpiece or not?