Chiara Giordano talks about her life now after her divorce from Raoul Bova

In an interview, Chiara Giordano tells about her life after the divorce from Raoul Bova: in this article we report her words

For years she was one of the most envied women in Italy. In fact, beside him he had one of the most fascinating actors of Italian cinema. Now, however, Giordano is no longer Bova’s wife and in a long interview with the Corriere della Sera he told what his life is like.

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The new life of Chiara Giordano after the divorce from Raoul Bova: her words (Source: Instagram)

Chiara Giordano, how is her life after her divorce from Raoul Bova

Chiara Giordano was born on 5 August 1973 in Rome to Francesco Giordano and Annamaria Bernardini Di Pace, a famous divorce lawyer. Since she was a child she has been a great lover of animals, in fact as an adult she decides to obtain a degree in Veterinary. Giordano works in Rome, where she lives with her family sons.

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She recently got into show business as she is known for being Raoul Bova’s ex-wife. The two met in 1997, when Chiara was still studying at the university. To be with her it would seem that Bova has closed a story with the actress Romina Mondello. What struck the actor – as he himself declared – was how Chiara treated him, that is, as a normal person not as a famous actor.

Chiara and Raoul have been married for 13 years and have two children: Alessandro Leon and Francesco. Theirs divorce it was quite eventful, as Chiara’s mother, a famous divorce lawyer, often expressed her opinion on the matter. After several legal battles, the two now seem to have a good relationship.

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In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Chiara Giordano talked about her life after her divorce from Raoul Bova. “The pain lasted six, seven years. However, thanks to a good psychologist, I let the anger go quickly “ – said Giordano – “For a long time, I have been focused on being the perfect wife, the perfect mom, then, you understand that doing everything right is the worst mistake and that you have to listen to your nature”. After separating from Raoul Bova she rediscovered her passions for animals for dance: “The ‘happily ever after’ is when you become independent inside, you are no longer a daughter or a wife, but a woman”.