Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni reveal the sex of the baby on the way: “It’s a girl”

The couple already has a child named Thiago

Pink bow for Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni. The second child of the couple who already have a child, Thiago, just one year old, will be a girl. Among the influencer’s Instagram stories is the video of her together with her husband, a Lazio footballer, discovers the sex of the baby at a gender reveal party.

The 26-year-old influencer who has never made a secret of wanting a little girl, in a previous story on social media, answering fans’ questions, She also shared a name preference: “I’d like to call her Barbie, but no one approves of it. However, if she is female I am undecided between Jennifer and Kimberly.”

The announcement of the second pregnancy came immediately after Mattia Zaccagni’s goal, during the Lazio-Roma Italian Cup derby, when the player celebrated the goal with his thumb in his mouth to mimic the pacifier and a ball under his shirt like a ‘baby bump’.