Chiara Nasti has let everyone know about her choice: it concerns marriage

Chiara Nasti has let everyone know about her choice: it concerns the marriage with her partner, the footballer Mattia Zaccagni.

Chiara Nasti said yes! With a very romantic and traditional proposal, strictly on her knees, a few days ago Mattia Zaccagni asked the famous influencer to become his wife.

Chiara Nasti (Instagram Credits)

On her very popular Instagram channel, the beautiful Neapolitan announced the news to everyone, showing the ring she received from the Lazio player. “I can not wait to be your wife”, wrote the former shipwrecked on social media, not holding back the enthusiasm for the sweet news. Another big step is coming for the couple, who are already expecting their first baby, which will be a boy. But when will the wedding take place? Here’s what Nasti has revealed about it.

Chiara Nasti, when will there be the wedding with Mattia Zaccagni? The decision

A candlelit dinner by the sea … what better location for a marriage proposal? None. And this is well known by Mattia Zaccagni, who chose that moment to ask his Chiara Nasti to become his wife. The response of the famous influencer was not long in coming and the magical moment was soon shared on social networks. A shower of comments and good wishes flooded the post of the 24 year old, who will soon wear the white dress of her dreams. But when?

Many, after the announcement of the proposal, wondered if theand wedding will take place before or after the birth of Zaccagni Junior. To remove all doubts, Chiara took care of it, answering some questions through social media. Apparently, the influencer intends to wait: “Definitely getting married with a baby bump is beautiful, but we want our baby that day. Today I would feel too embarrassed, because I already feel my belly too big “. This, therefore, is the decision of the web star, who will pronounce her fateful yes with Mattia from her alone after the birth of their firstbornwhich will happen in a few months.

A love story born last summer, the one between Chiara and the biancoceleste striker, who would have met during a holiday in Ibiza. The two did not come out immediately: for months the influencer talked about a special person, without revealing his identity. The first official couple photo arrived in December 2021 and, from that moment, Chiara and Mattia often show themselves on social media, more united and close-knit than ever.

chiara nasti marriage
Chiara and Mattia (Credits Instagram)

“Yet I wouldn’t have bet so much in this story, but you are truly the most beautiful and truest couple. Hello beautiful puppies ”, was Angela Nasti’s comment on the first photo of her sister with her new boyfriend Mattia. What can I say, the former tronista of Men and Women had seen us long.