Chiara Nasti running to the ER: what happened to the pregnant influencer

Chiara Nasti rushed to the ER: what happened to the pregnant influencer; bad episode for the web star.

Unpleasant episode for one of the most loved and followed influencers in our country. Through his Instagram stories, Chiara Nasti told her many followers what happened to her.

Chiara Nasti (Instagram Credits)

Followers who became considerably worried when they learned that the web star. in the fifth month of pregnancy, she had to go to the emergency room. To tell what happened was the Neapolitan, who also asked her fans for some advice on what happened. Following her words.

Accident for Chiara Nasti: “I had to run to the emergency room”, what happened

Great fear for Chiara Nasti, the famous Neapolitan influencer with two million followers. A few days ago, through her Instagram channel, Chiara told fans what happened to her: a car accident because of which she had to rush to the emergency room. An episode that took place a few days ago, but that the young influencer decided to share with her followers to ask for some advice.

“You make me understand this, because you surely know more than I do. But should the belt be put on or shouldn’t it be worn during pregnancy? “, asks the influencer, five months pregnant with her first baby with Lazio footballer Mattia Zaccagni. Nasti explains that several times, when she has seen her wearing a seat belt in the car, they have told her that she is bad for her belly and that they have no clear ideas on the matter.

“I always wear it because not having it doesn’t make me feel safe and half a time I’ve tried it because I had crampsI had an accident and had to run to the emergency room “, said the influencer. Fortunately, he is fine and has not had any consequences after the accident: “I checked, everything is ok”.

As for the use of the belt during pregnancy, there is no risk for pregnant women, who can safely wear it. Only in the case of “particular risk conditions”, certified by the gynecologist, is there an exemption from the use of the belt.

chiara nasti first aid
Chiara and Zaccagni (Instagram Credits)

The love story with Mattia Zaccagni

And on her very popular social channel, Chiara proudly shows her baby bump, pregnant with the first one son of Mattia Zaccagni. Firstborn also for the Lazio forward, who can’t wait to become a father. The baby on the way is a boy, as revealed by the gender reveal at the Olympic stadium in Rome. What will the name of Zaccagni Junior be? Apparently it has already been decided, but the Neapolitan influencer and entrepreneur has not yet revealed it. An immense joy for the couple, born about a year and a half ago: the special meeting in Ibiza and, from there, the beginning of a wonderful love story.