Chiaré, the bite of her Mosquitoes wins the Bianca D’Aponte award: the video

Zanzare is the song that won the Bianca D’Aponte award and surprisingly, despite being a song full of wind instruments, strings, synths, in the trio it does not lose its vitality but enhances the form and its meaning even more. At Bianca D’Aponte we presented it like this: drums, double bass and guitar and a few months ago we decided to present it again in a live session which sees, on this occasion, another very valid element on drums, his name is Luca D’Arco . On guitar, however, the same and unmistakable Giada De Prisco who was also present at the Award and during the production of Zanzare, a song that comes from a suffering of love but which, unlike the sad love story, is played and told with lightness. The title is inspired by the phrase in the text: “how do mosquitoes bite you and then leave without having to get attached?” When I wrote these words I imagined a person to whom it is difficult not to become attached and I wondered why mosquitoes manage to bite you and go away with such serenity?

Zanzare is the debut single that anticipates the release of an album full of excellent musicians from Salerno and Neapolitan. Special guests of this first album of mine are the musicians who par excellence represent today’s Neapolitan sound: Marcello Giannini and Andrea De Fazio who are already part of the Four Flies Records house, a label that followed my project with great esteem and trust even before takes shape and will print this beautiful work on vinyl, produced by Ernesto Massimino Voza and Peppe Maiellano. They were able to give shape to my ideas with patience and great competence. The album presents songs with a 70s/80s sound, while the lyrics talk about love and denounce unexpressed feelings, useless strategies in a carpet of sound where the work of musical research is put first. We combined the Neapolitan sound of Edoardo De Crescenzo with the innovative one of Mac De Marco. Tradition and innovation meet, giving the album a strong identity. Like mosquitoes, other songs will also be a mix of Italian and Neapolitan, clearly, speaking this second language every day, rich in melodies, I couldn’t help but include it in my lyrics which, before becoming songs, are born as poems, often written at night and then at piano. Here, on a solid harmonic, melodic and poetic basis, the work of sound research takes place with the two producers Peppe and Massimino who worked with dedication, paying attention to every little sonic detail. In this live session it was fun to remember the Bianca D’Aponte experience in the training, full of emotions and defenseless. A clean environment, in which Bianca was with us in every little sigh before singing, in every little attention to the organization of Gaetano and Gennaro who with paternal love welcomed the competitors, eliminating the competition. The most beautiful aspects of the award were the female solidarity and the infinite love for Bianca.