Chicco Testa and Ultima Generazione, the clash continues on social media

The comparison between the manager and the activist

The clash on TV between the manager Chicco Testa and the Ultima Generazione activist, which ended up on all the sites and which sparked controversy and doubts about the actual ‘preparation’ of the young environmentalists, shows no signs of abating and continues on social media. The young activist of the environmental movement was the protagonist of a fiery clash on Monday during Nicola Porro’s ‘Quarta Repubblica’ with manager Chicco Testa, who pressed her with a series of questions with which the girl appeared to have difficulty. The following day the young woman published a video in which she attempted to better explain her reasons and addressed Testa directly: “Chicco Testa is convinced that Italy does not invest anything in the fossil… evidently the fossil has invested a lot in Chicco Head to make him deny the evidence”, says the environmentalist. The manager’s response, again via social media, is prompt and clear: “They are loans and guarantees, not investments. But perhaps you don’t know the difference”, she writes.