Chico Forti case, Cartabia: “We await steps in the coming days”

I return to the foreground the case of Chico Forti after it was one of the points at the center of the meeting that the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia had with Attorney General Merrick Garland as part of his mission in the United States.

Cartabia: “Complex procedure, possible transfers”

“We talked about the Chico Forti case, which asked to be transferred to Italy. The procedure is complex. There is a well-defined legal framework: transfers are possible. The final authority that will have to present itself will be the federal one,” he said. the minister Cartabia. “The Attorney General has offered collaboration to resolve the Forti case, but he himself can only proceed with a clear consent from the government of Florida, Ron DeSantis. I don’t know when we will see a conclusion – added Cartabia – but I can say with certainty that we have studied a path in a short time. The next steps will be taken in the next few days “.

Who is Chico Forti

The former Trentino surfer and TV producer is serving a life sentence in Florida, where he was convicted of the murder of an Australian businessman in 1998. He has always pleaded innocent and over the years there have been several appeals for his return. at home. In December 2020, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced that the governor of the US state accepted the request to return. Forti should finish serving his sentence in Italy.