Child dead of hardship, investigating judge orders an evidential accident on the bottle

The Milan judge will entrust the analysis of the contents of the milk found next to the cradle in which little Diana was found lifeless to experts

The investigating judge of Milan Fabrizio Filice ordered the probative incident on the content of the baby bottle and on other objects of Diana, the 16-month-old girl who died of starvation last July 20 and for whose death her mother Alessia Pifferi is in prison.

The judge who accepted the defendants’ request, the lawyers Solange Marchignoli and Luca D’Auria, set a hearing for the next 28 September for the appointment of the experts and the assignment of the “technical investigations of a biological and chemical-forensic on the seized material “, including the residual milk in the bottle to see if it contained En, since the anxiolytic bottle was next to the cradle in which the child was found lifeless.

The little girl’s mother is in prison on charges of aggravated voluntary homicide for having left “in the cradle, for seven continuous days, without assistance and absolutely unable, due to the tender age, to look after herself, without, however, sufficient food and in conditions of clear and evident danger for her own life” daughter Diana. A behavior that for the prosecution caused “death from hardship and lack of necessary care” with the aggravating circumstance of “having acted with premeditation, having acted for futile reasons and having committed the deed against his own minor daughter”.