Child died after surgery in Rome, Attorney General: “Prescribed crime”

Giovanna Fatello, aged 10, lost her life in 2014 during ear surgery. Legal civil party: “We would have liked the sentence confirming the convictions”

“Not having to proceed against the defendants due to the statute of limitations”. This is what the deputy attorney general of Rome asked for in the appeal process for the death of Giovanna Fatello, the 10-year-old girl, who died in 2014 during ear surgery in the Villa Mafalda clinic in the capital. The defendants are the two anesthesiologists Pierfrancesco Dauri and Federico Santilli, sentenced in the first instance to two years for manslaughter, with a suspended sentence and subject to the payment of a provisional amount of 550 thousand euros in favor of family members.

“Giovanna was fine, no previous cardiac pathologies emerged – the civil party lawyer Gianluca Tognozzi said in the courtroom -. Giovanna died due to the conduct of the anesthesiologists. After administering the anesthetic to Giovanna, the anesthesiologist left from the operating room and made a 42-second call, he had to be present in the room by law and, instead, he was absent. There was also an absolute silence on the part of everyone present in the operating room, “added the lawyer requesting confirmation of the civil statutes. “As a civil party we are disappointed by the statute of limitations, we would have liked a confirmation sentence – affirms the civil party lawyer, Orazio Labianca – now we will see the outcome of this process on May 30, we are confident”.