Child hit in kindergarten, family lawyer: ”Cruel comments on compensation, Lavinia is for life”

”money from the car insurance that hit her is managed with guardianship judge supervision”

”’My kingdom for a horse,’ said King Richard III, trying to escape death. This phrase came to mind when Lavinia’s family informed me that some protagonists of the trial intended to disclose the amount of compensation for the damage with comments at the bottom of the recent video of the journalist Andrea Scanzi, published on his Facebook page”. So in a note from the lawyer Cristina Spagnolo, lawyer for the family of little Lavinia Montebove who has been living in a vegetative state for over 5 years after being hit at the nursery she attended in Velletri, in the province of Rome, in 2018. On trial the teacher Francesca Rocca, accused of very serious injuries, and the investor Chiara Colonnelli. The trial is still at first degree.

“There has been compensation, important but partial – says Spagnolo – and every single cent is intended to ensure Lavinia’s survival in the most dignified way possible. The family remains responsible for tens and tens of thousands of euros a year, outside from what the local health authority pays for daily assistance, with the specter of further cuts to healthcare and the increase in the burdens that will be borne by the family for the years to come”.

”The compensation – adds the lawyer – was paid by the insurance of the car that hit Lavinia: the Judge, at the end of the trial, will have to decide on the difference between the damage suffered by Lavinia and that compensated by the insurance, placing it at burden of the teacher if he condemns her. All the sums received, which have never been made secret, are managed by the family in Lavinia’s interest with the supervision of the guardianship judge and the same fate will have the sums that will eventually be paid by the teacher”.

“Referring to the amount of these sums, as if they were the result of a lottery win and a sign of luck and not intended for the little girl’s needs, is cynical and cruel in the face of the drama that has affected Lavinia and her family since that damned August 7, 2018 – adds Spagnolo – Like King Richard, Lavinia’s family would trade every single penny to ward off misfortune and return Lavinia to the way she was, but this is just a dream. More pragmatically, Lavinia will need resources for an indefinite time and indeterminable”.

“No contribution, it should be remembered, was offered by the person to whom Lavinia was entrusted on 7 August 2018, except in the form of the ‘symbolic’ compensation offer of one euro – he concludes – It is not up to me to say what this symbol intends to evoke, but one thing is certain: even if the damage to Lavinia will never be repairable, it does not mean that parents do not have the right and duty to fight to guarantee her the best possible future.”