Child invested in kindergarten, accused: ” There was no one in the parking lot ”

“Once I stopped the car I saw that near the gate there was a pink bundle on the ground. I approached and recognized Lavinia. At first I realized that I had hit her, even if I had some doubts. There was no one in the parking lot. ” Chiara Colonnelli, accused of grievous bodily harm in the first instance trial before the Court of Velletri for the case of little Lavinia Montebove, the child hit by a car in the parking lot of the ‘La Fattoria di mamma cocca’ kindergarten in Velletri on 7 August 2018, when she was just 16. Chiara Colonnelli was driving the bmw that hit Lavinia, who is now 5 years old and has been found in a vegetative state.

” I yelled calling the teacher Rocca inside the kindergarten – he continued – We didn’t call 112, the teacher took Lavinia in her arms, got into the car next to me and we ran to the hospital. On the way I did nothing but ask Francesca if Lavinia was breathing, I was afraid she would die. At that moment she was my daughter. “Today the other defendant in the trial, who is accused of abandonment of a minor, the teacher Francesca Rocca, who did not appear. The woman’s lawyer explained that Francesca Rocca was in the emergency room for an illness.

On the sidelines of the hearing, Lavinia’s mother, Lara Liotta, intervened: “The illness of the teacher? I expected it in my heart as much as I knew that the investor would speak, telling what she had to say about that damned day. The truth. malaise will always remain and only that of my daughter “. The next hearing of the trial will be held on September 26 and in the courtroom there should be the teacher Rocca.