Child invested in kindergarten, Father Lavinia: “ Shocking that you still teach a teacher ”

Yesterday in the courtroom heard Francesca Rocca accused of neglect of a minor: “ I left Lavinia to help another child ”

” One of the most shocking things heard from the mouth of the Rocca yesterday was the fact that she still teaches and that, above all, the children and young teachers with whom she unfortunately has to deal tell what happened to Lavinia as a warning to never get distracted and that certain things can therefore also happen to experienced teachers like you. An insult to a little girl, my daughter, that she could have a normal life and that she is now confined to a bed. Words are no longer enough for me now. “Massimo Montebove, father of Lavinia, the child who ended up in a vegetative state after being hit in 2018 in the parking lot of the nursery ‘La Fattoria di Mamma Cocca’ in Velletri, in the province, tells Adnkronos of Rome, the day after the key hearing of the trial. Yesterday in the courtroom of the Court of Velletri the teacher Francesca Rocca was heard who in the proceedings is accused of abandonment of a minor. Chiara Colonnelli, who was driving the BMW that hit Lavinia, instead she is accused of very serious injuries.

“It was 9.45 when the facts occurred. I was alone and that morning there were initially 5 children, as 2 arrived later. The other children were 3, 6 and 9 years old; the youngest was Lavinia, who was just 16 months old at the time – Rocca said in the classroom – I was inside the structure when the investment occurred. That day was hot and the children had asked me to go out and play on the playground. We played for about twenty minutes, but then it was time to have a snack and we decided to return. ”

” On returning I had picked up Lavinia, but then I put her down to help a baby whose diaper we had been taking off for a week – he continued – I didn’t think I should have her do it in front of everyone. I took him and Lavinia by the hand and we went inside, along with all the other children, where I left Lavinia sitting. I hadn’t closed the gate or the folding door, but I left her sitting on the door pillar, almost inside the structure. Lavinia did not take off her shoes because she was learning to walk, just in those days. Then another little girl told me she was peeing under her. After a while I turn around and look for Lavinia and in the meantime I hear screaming. I couldn’t see anything because from the door I had the plastic of the folding door ”. The teacher then said she went out and saw Lavinia lying on the ground.

It was not easy for little Lavinia’s parents to attend this hearing and listen to the teacher’s reconstruction. “Luckily tonight – Massimo Montebove said this morning – I was able to rest at least a little, I released the tension by embracing my partner and my children as I always do and this time even more. The feeling of a person with little conscience remains, who, to defend herself from a serious accusation, staged a comedy that went badly, including crocodile cries, allusions to her state of health, the claim of a ten-year professionalism that would never have allowed her to abandon a child in the parking lot of the kindergarten and a thousand contradictions compared to the version of the investor. Investor who in the previous hearing had also partially retracted what she had told me when I accidentally met her in the days following the investment, regarding the presence of a second minor in the kindergarten and in the parking lot alone together with Lavinia. The teacher, on the other hand, confirmed the presence of the other child. What can I say? ”.