** Child run over in kindergarten: legal, ‘compensation of one euro? Lavinia needs expensive assistance’**

“To survive, because of what happened to her, Lavinia needs expensive assistance, tens of thousands of euros a year. The ASL barely covers half of her needs with 12 hours of nursing assistance instead of 24. Half a day remains therefore at the expense of the family.To ensure her a future we have made a transaction with the investor’s car insurance, which is by no means integral, as shown by the papers, and which has no effect for the teacher, except to the extent that we ask that she be called to compensate the difference between what was paid in the transaction and what would be due to Lavinia. Francesca Rocca was able, for her part, to propose only a compensation of one euro, which we rejected. I clarify these facts for the sake of truth and justice compared to some incorrect versions that have been leaked in the media and on social networks”. Cristina Spagnolo, lawyer for the family of little Lavinia Montebove, tells Adnkronos, the girl who, in 2018, when she was 16 months old, was run over while crawling in the parking lot of the nursery “La Fattoria di Mamma Cocca” in Velletri, in the province of Rome, from a car driven by Chiara Colonnelli, mother of a little girl who frequented the structure. Since then Lavinia, who is now 6 years old, has been in a vegetative state. Next 19 June in the Court of Velletri there will be the thirteenth hearing of the first instance trial in which the teacher Francesca Rocca, accused of very serious bodily harm and abandonment of a minor, and the mother driving the car Chiara Colonnelli, accused of very serious injuries.

”What happened in Lavinia shouldn’t have happened – the lawyer underlined – and it happened due to a very serious omission by the teacher with respect to her supervisory obligations. This is the truth of the facts that we hope the ruling will clarify. Whether intentional or negligent, the crime charged against the owner of the asylum, Francesca Rocca, does not change the substance”.

“It is also appropriate to specify and remember – continues Spagnolo – that Francesca Rocca left the children alone with a minor of ten years to take Lavinia to the emergency room in Velletri, without calling 112. A choice, that of picking up a seriously traumatized and to take her to the hospital by car with the support of the investor, which only worsened the situation. Not only that. After having entrusted Lavinia to the doctors, Rocca used the cell phone only to scream in a call to the mother that her daughter had been run over , causing her to feel ill, and she didn’t bother to immediately contact some adults to rush to kindergarten, where she had left the other children alone, including Lavinia’s little brother, Edoardo. In the trial she then tried to make believe that she had left them with a friend of hers, whom we denounced for perjury”.