Childhood Guarantor Lazio, an agreement for an anti-violence center for minors

The memorandum of understanding has been signed for the establishment of the “Juvenile Anti-Violence Center” with a reception, guidance and awareness-raising service for minors and adolescents who are victims of crime. This is the first anti-violence center for minors and adolescents in the Lazio Region and is the result of an agreement between the Guarantor of Childhood and Adolescence of the Lazio Region, Monica Sansoni, the “Growing Together Family Counseling, managed by the Association for the non-profit family, represented by dr. Vincenzo Serra, with the Restorative Justice Offices operating in the Clinic, and the “In mediation…” office for conciliation and reparation in the juvenile field of the Province of Latina, of which the lawyer is responsible. Pasquale Lattari. “The Anti-Violence Center for Minors and Adolescents of the Lazio Region intends to offer a free service of reception, listening, guidance and awareness raising for minors and adolescents who are victims of crime, putting in place the tools and safeguards provided for by our legal system – under the criminal and civil, protection, protection and supervision – to the victims of crimes minors and adolescents “, so the Guarantor, Monica Sansoni”.

“The establishment of the first anti-violence center for minors and adolescents in the Lazio Region – which has been immediately extended to all the provinces of Lazio – thus aims to represent a strong and valid institutional and professional response to events, in the local and not only that, which arouse more and more social alarm around the fragile condition of the minor and of the family in recent years ”, said the Guarantor. “The victims of crimes, following the event suffered, find themselves in a state of particular vulnerability, experiencing this condition of primary victimization with great suffering”, concluded Sansoni, who finally wanted to thank the Diocesan Family Consultancy of Latina and all the other Consultors of Christian inspiration, from the other provinces of Lazio, who have already joined the initiative.

In particular, the regional Guarantor of Childhood and Adolescence intended to recognize the experience in the sector of the Association “for the family” Onlus / Diocesan Family Consultancy of Latina, demonstrated by entrusting the role of leader to the Diocesan Family Consultancy of Latina ATS for the management of the Center for Restorative Justice and Juvenile Penal Mediation of the Lazio Region.

The “Crescere Insieme” family clinic of the Diocese of Latina-Terracina-Sezze and Priverno managed by the Onlus “For the family” Association, since 2006 – first in Lazio – carries out juvenile criminal mediation and is the seat of the “In mediation. .. “, as well as the headquarters, since 2017, of the Latina Penal Mediation and Restorative Justice Office for adults pursuant to law 67/2014. The activity in question makes use of experienced mediation operators, enhancing the combination of multiple experiences and skills of different professional figures (lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, social workers, criminologists, criminalists, educators), as well as collaborating with Uepe, office criminal execution, in Rome and Latina, as well as with the USSM, a branch office in Rome.