Children, the single check starts from January. First money paid out since March

After the go-ahead from the council of ministers, the single allowance for children is ready starting next year. Applications can be presented to INPS starting from January, while the first checks will be paid from March

Children, the single check is universal

From January over seven million families with dependent children will be able to apply to INPS to receive the single allowance. The money will start arriving from March and will be paid directly to the current account with a bank transfer, no longer in the pay slip. In fact, the measure is universal, it applies to all employees, self-employed and unemployed. The allowance incorporates and replaces all previous forms of child support. It will be possible to receive it starting from the seventh month of pregnancy and up to the 21st year of life of the boys (after the age of 21, explained Minister Bonetti, it will return to the system of deductions in force now).

Single check, the amounts

The amount varies according to the ISEE and can range from 50 to 175 euros per month for each child. The maximum contribution is up to families with Isee under 15 thousand euros, while for those who go over 40 thousand euros the minimum amount is due. For children between 18 and 21 years of age, the figures go down and, again depending on the ISEE, they range from 25 to 85 euros per month, again for each child. The contribution increases for large families.

The amounts go up for large families

In fact, starting from the third child, each child will receive from 15 to 85 euros more – again according to the ISEE – while from the fourth child upwards there will be a flat-rate increase of an additional 100 euros per month. Other aid is added if the families have low incomes and both parents work.
The maximum benefit, for a family with 4 children and Isee under 15 thousand euros, can reach more than 1100 euros per month, a figure that can further increase if the mother is under 21, or if the children are disabled. Those who already receive the citizenship income will not have to apply, but the check will be paid directly by the INPS

Who gains and who loses

As mentioned, the measure brings together all the previous contributions for the children. There may be cases in which you will receive less than before, since the contribution is calculated differently. But a transitional rule will ensure that those who already received aid for their children and have an ISEE within 25 thousand euros will receive an increase that will compensate for the losses in full in the first year and partially in the following two years. The increase will disappear from 2025