China, fire in a school dormitory: 13 dead

Tragedy in China where at least 13 people died in a school dormitory in Yanshanpu (Henan province) due to a fire that broke out yesterday evening. The toll was provided by local authorities, but the age of the victims is not clear, nor what caused the fire. There CCTV reported the arrest of the school director. The Global Timesa nationalist tabloid, writes about the institute’s leaders in custody.

The rescue

“At 11pm on Friday, local firefighters received an alarm about a fire in the dormitory of Yingcai School in Yanshanpu Village, Dushu City,” the official Xinhua news agency reported. Rescuers “quickly arrived on site and the flames were put out at 11.38pm local time” (4.38pm in Italy). The village is located on the outskirts of Nanyang, a city of nearly 10 million people. There is little information about the boarding school available to the public, although videos on social media posted previously show young children wearing aprons with the school logo and older children taking calligraphy lessons.

The investigation on social media

Today indignation has risen on social media with the request for investigations to punish those responsible also on the basis of serious past episodes of fires which have caused dozens of victims. Last November, 26 people were killed and dozens hospitalized after flames tore through the headquarters of a mining company in Shanxi. After the accident, President Xi Jinping asked the country to “conduct thorough investigations into hidden risks in key industries, improve emergency plans and prevention measures.” In April, among the most sensational cases, a fire in a hospital in Beijing caused 29 victims, forcing dozens of people to throw themselves out of windows to escape the violence of the flames which, according to subsequent investigations, had started from the renovation work underway in a department of the facility.