China, former British top guns recruited for ‘lessons’ for military pilots

It is believed, the BBC reveals, that up to 30 have been involved in training the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Former British military pilots recruited to pass on experience and knowledge to the Chinese military. All in exchange for lavish ‘salaries’, for tens of thousands of euros. Up to 30 former British military pilots are believed to have been involved in training the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the BBC reveals. According to Western officials, recruitment attempts are underway and intensifying.

British pilots would be ‘used’ to help understand how Westerners, planes and top guns operate, information that could be invaluable in the event of a conflict, at a time when tensions around Taiwan have escalated. de facto independent island that Chinese leader Xi Jinping wants to “reunify”. According to the BBC, there are also pilots from other allied countries in the ‘crosshairs’ of the Chinese.

Activities that – according to a spokesman for the London Ministry of Defense – do not violate the laws of the United Kingdom, but which London and other Western countries are trying to counter. One source spoke of the “profitable package that is being offered”. In some cases it is believed to reach over 270,000 euros.

According to the BBC, the United Kingdom became aware of a small number of cases of recruitment of former military pilots in 2019, then the Covid-19 pandemic with China ‘sealed’ in the name of the Zero Covid strategy slowed down the operation ‘, but activity has now increased, which is leading the UK to issue an intelligence alert. According to a Western official, there has been a “significant increase”. And, the broadcaster still reports, in the crosshairs of the ‘operation’ there would also be personnel on duty even if so far no one seems to have accepted.

F-35 pilots are not believed to be involved, although China would also be interested in that. According to reports, the recruitment would take place through intermediaries and a flight academy in South Africa was mentioned in particular. “We are taking strong steps to stop Chinese recruiting programs,” a spokesman for the London Defense Ministry said.