China, Foxconn triples salaries to make enough iPhone 15

Zhengzhou factory currently employs 200,000 workers, and builds 80 percent of global iPhone inventory

The production plant of the Chinese Foxconn in Zhengzhou, also called iPhone City, is in difficulty due to the imminent start of the production of Apple’s iPhone 15 line. Foxconn, according to sources, would have problems hiring the figures necessary to absorb the flight volume of the launch of the next generation of Apple smartphones. In order to boost hiring, the company reportedly increased bonuses and salaries, up to tripling them for the period that will involve the first mass production of the iPhone 15. In those three months, some workers will be required to stay in the plant even when they sleep , in order to maximize the pace of the assembly lines and avoid any contagion from Covid-19, which brought distribution to its knees last year. The Zhengzhou factory currently employs 200,000 workers, and produces 80 percent of the world’s iPhone inventory. Working conditions, however, are said to be so pressing that protests have flared up, leading more than 20,000 employees to leave Foxconn or be fired.

Producing enough iPhone 15s, however, is crucial for Apple, which with the iPhone 14 saw a year-over-year drop in smartphone sales of just over 10 percent. And the relationship between Foxconn and Apple is not without thorns: in 2027 up to half of all iPhones produced by Apple could be made in India, with 25% of production moving from China as early as 2025. The report, made in China, it highlights how local suppliers of tech components are already feeling the consequences of Apple’s exit from the country, with Vietnam being one of the other nations to benefit from Apple’s departure from China. In fact, the Cupertino-based company has been committed to reducing its dependence on the Chinese giant for some time, which has not had a brilliant year between turmoil and lockdown.