China, gas leak during lockdown: 3-year-old boy dead

The father would be prevented from leaving the condominium to seek care for his son. Social rage against Beijing’s zero-Covid policy

There death of a 3-year-old child following a suspected gas leak in a residential complex closed due to lockdown in Lanzhouthe capital of Gansu province in northwest China has sparked a new wave of outrage over the country’s strict zero-Covid policy. The child’s father said in a social post that he was prevented from leaving the condominium to seek care for his son.causing a delay that would prove fatal.

The post was met with comments filled with anger and pain, with several related hashtags amassing hundreds of millions of views the next day on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform. “Three years of the pandemic was his whole life,” reads a comment.

Lanzhou is the latest tragedy to fuel one growing reaction against China’s relentless zero-Covid policy, which continues to disrupt everyday life with relentless lockdowns, quarantines and mass testing obligations. Many people have died because they were denied timely access to emergency medical care during the blockade, while on the contrary the authorities, starting with President Xi Jinping, insist that the country’s Covid policies ” they put people and their lives first. “