China, Hu escorted out of Congress. CCP: Xi retires 4 veterans of the party

Hu was apparently turned away by two clerks, against his will

The XX National Congress of the Communist Party of China ends with thethe exclusion from the Central Committee of four veterans of the party – including Chinese Premier Li Keqiang – and the apparent forced removal of former president Hu Jintao from the meeting. According to CNN, which refers to images and videos of the meeting, the former Chinese president, 79, was taken out of the hall during the proceedings: he was sitting next to Xi Jinping when he was approached by two men with whom he spoken briefly before being escorted out.

Hu was apparently dismissed by two clerks, against his will, from the stage on which he was next to 69-year-old Xi, reports the Dpa agency, specifying that everything happened shortly after the arrival of the international media and shortly before the delegates they voted on the amendments to the party’s constitution, to reflect even more Xi’s “ideology” and sanction his role as leader. Hu handed Xi the post of general secretary in 2012 after two terms. He supports the old model of “collective” leadership with representatives of different factions and limits of age and mandate.

Meanwhile, the name of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang does not appear in the list of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, he is not among the members of the new Central Committee, 205 members plus 171 alternates, reports the CNN, specifying how this means that the 67-year-old Li is destined to withdraw from any role in the Party. There is not even, according to CNN, the name of Wang Yang, the same age as the premier.

In the list, highlights the South China Morning Post which writes of “major shock to the top”, there are no names of four of the seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee: those of 72-year-old Li Zhanshu and 68-year-old Vice Premier Han Zheng , in addition to those of Li and Wang. It means, the SCMP points out, that “they will retire”, with Li and Wang who are not yet 68 years old so far considered the ‘limit’ for top positions. And, underlines the newspaper, “by sending the four veterans into retirement”, the 69-year-old “Xi opens more positions at the top for the promotion of young leaders chosen by him”.