China, rain of worms from the sky? Here’s the explanation – Video

The unusual phenomenon, filmed in the Liaoning province, has made the rounds on the web

There is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon that alarmed the Chinese province of Liaoning a few days ago, where the inhabitants were allegedly asked to seek shelter because worm-like creatures rained down from the sky. In some videos that went viral on social media around the world, what looked like earthworms were seen scattered all over the cars. People walking in the street had their umbrellas open against the “rain of worms”.

According to the science journal Mother Nature Network, the most likely explanation for the crash is that the animals were blown by high winds and fell all over the city. This, the paper said, happens when insects get caught in a whirlpool during a storm.

Some people have instead suggested that the slimy-looking objects weren’t worms but poplar flowers, buds, and seeds that look like earthworms. “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks that have fallen from trees,” said one Twitter user. “The things that fall from poplars in spring are not caterpillars, but poplar inflorescences. When the poplar flower spikes start to fall, it means they are about to blossom,” wrote another user