China Suárez enlarged the family and surprised everyone

The brand new Argentine actress and singer Eugenia Suaréz, better known as the china suarez, posted a very tender video where you can see the new members of the family. The former partner of Benjamin Vicunaand mother of 3 children, Amancio and Magnolia together with Benjamín and Rufina together with the actor Nicolás Cabré, she does not hesitate to encourage herself to enlarge the family.

The china suarez who is currently in a relationship with the young man RusherKing, It was a trend on Instagram with the fastest trend on any social network: kittens. Due to the tenderness and tranquility that they manage, the followers of China quickly caught on to the beautiful video and filled it with likes.

In the post the ex of vicuna He says that the family has grown. “A cat came home to have kittens, and here we are, there is always a baby at home.” In the video of her, she can be heard playing with the tiny newborns, as they awkwardly wrestle with each other and her mother purrs very loudly from her.

????China and RusherKing. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Will it be a kind of preview to the possibility of being a mother with Rusher King? In an interview with the Argentine driver, Miguel Granados, Eugenia expressed that she loves the children, but that she would not be a mother again, perhaps in a while. In any case, she is a very good mother. She so she expressed it Nicolas Cabre, father of his first daughter in an interview on the program “La Divina Noche de Dante”. “The China She is the best mom my daughter could have and we make a phenomenal team. He was even talking to her before entering the interview, ”said the actor excitedly.

China with Rufina. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

And he added: “We never argue…” “In some things we may not agree with the China, because for some reason we do not separate, but we make a team and the priority has always been and will be our daughter, we are still a family, it gives me great joy and fills me with pride that it is so. Because all this is lived by her (Rufina) that she sees that her parents are colleagues and are a team and we will do it until the last day of our lives ”.