China Suárez imposes a trend with a tailored top

Inevitably, the romances of China Suarez They have always been controversial and highly commented by the world of entertainment. With Nicolás Cabré, the father of her daughter Rufina, he has an excellent relationship for the well-being of the little girl. With Benjamín Vicuña, with whom he had Amancio and Magnolia, he also maintains a bond of respect for the children.

But her last romance was one of the most talked about since it was with a young man younger than her: the Argentine singer Rusherking. The China He spent more than a year as a couple and both seemed very much in love. Although neither of them made the reasons public, there are several hypotheses that are handled among their fans.

This past May 24, the China released his new song “Desaniversario”. His followers say that these days she would celebrate a year of dating with Rusherking, so it would be a clear message for his ex. “At this time they would meet Rusher in the year, something has to do with it” and “It gives me that it is a new song” were some of the messages she received.

“I imagined waking up with you and saying good morning. Without realizing that it was only in my mind, perhaps it was a utopia. I gave you all of me, but in return I only received this anniversary,” says the lyrics of the song. Some of his followers claim that the China imitated Maria Becerra. The Argentine singer had also published a similar image when she finished with Rusherking.

China Suárez with a tailored top. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the last hours, the ex of Benjamín Vicuña published three images in his official account of instagram where she is seen wearing a tailored outfit but with a top included, something that will undoubtedly be a new trend that will mark Argentina. Thousands of her followers left her comments referring to the fact that she is the most beautiful woman in the country.